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Developing an argument

Explaining by giving an example
Esperanto has no irregularities. For instance it has no irregular verbs.
For example Esperanto has the same suffix for all verbs.
If I can give an example all verbs in the present end in Esperanto with -as.

Giving real/true/surprising information
Esperanto is very easy to learn. In fact, you can master it in a year.
As a matter of fact you don't have to learn a lot of words in Esperanto.
Actually you can build your own words in Esperanto.

Adding another, different idea
Besides in Esperanto the order of the words is nearly free.
Esperanto sounds nice. What's more, it is easy to pronounce.
In addition to that Esperanto has no differences between speaking and writing.

Making a contrast
All the same Esperanto is not well known.
Even so I like to learn Esperanto.
Esperanto is easy to learn. However, only about one million people can speak it.
Esperanto is for everyone a foreign language. In spite of this people in different countries learn it.

To put it simply -- Esperanto is simple.
In short -- Learning Esperanto is quick and easy.
Esperanto has only 16 grammar rules and a cleverly word formation system. In a word, you can learn it fast.

Defining more exactly
At any rate Esperanto is a nice hobby for people who are interested in languages.
At least Esperanto is an auxiliary language, not an international language.

Talking generally
On the whole Esperanto is good for communication between people of different languages.
As a rule Esperanto is not taught in normal schools.
In general most people ignore Esperanto.

Giving a result/consequence
Esperanto is not based on the influence of a country therefore Esperanto can't be spread out easily.
As a result Esperanto is not an alternative to English.
So you can't use it as a international language today.
Only few people speak Esperanto. Because of this you can use Esperanto only as a hobby.

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